About us

As many adults across Arizona use Cannabis products in a smart and safe manner, AZ6thC was created through a class project to showcase this growing Arizona industry. The goal was to recognize the value and importance of cannabis for people across the state by first, creating fun designs on clothing and accessories for our customers. Soon, AZ6thC will expand to other products continuing the emphasis on quality, service, and of course, Arizona. Join our journey!

AZ6thC is an Arizona small business started in 2023

Most people living in Arizona know about the 5 C’s driving our economy for the past century: Climate, Citrus, Copper, Cattle, and Cotton. AZ6thC has a journey to add a 6th ‘C’ to the list: Cannabis

Join us!

Our Team at AZ6thC

is dedicated to providing our customers with a great experience. We believe every customer deserves access to high-quality products and amazing service. Currently our efforts are to get our message and clothing across Arizona. We want our customers to look and feel their best. In the near future, AZ6thC will expand our product line that will include accessories. We understand that these products are essential to many of our customers lives, and we are committed to getting them in your hands...products you can trust. Our commitment to quality, safety, and variety will set us apart from others in the cannabis industry. We are excited to begin this journey and look forward to serving you for years to come.