About us

AZ6thC is an Arizona small business started in 2023

Most people living in Arizona know about the 5 C’s driving our economy for the past century: Climate, Citrus, Copper, Cattle, and Cotton. AZ6thC has begun a journey to add a 6th ‘C’ to the list: Cannabis Join us!


Join the journey with us and share the 6thC message by wearing one of our custom logos around our great state (and country.)

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I remember learning the Arizona 5 C's in Middle School several years ago. When wearing the shirt, I've been asked a couple times about the logo and people are quick to share when they were taught them.



The logo caught my eye and thought it would be fun to wear to the Farmer's Market. Well, my twenty-something daughter grabbed it as soon as it arrived. Back to the website...



As one of the original graduates with the Cannabis Business Fundamentals Certificate from Scottsdale Community College, it was the natural next step to start my business in the great state of Arizona.

AZ6thC Owner / Founder


Bought one for me and another for a friend. Needless to say, she grabbed the purple one and commented how great the logo looks on it.

Love them!