Our First Steps...and Stumble

Jun 02, 2023

Our First Steps...and Stumble
Starting a new venture is challenging, exciting, and even stressful.    The beginning of the journey for AZ6thC was no different.  While the first work on the company was this past fall as a class project, AZ6thC officially began in February of 2023.  After all the required (boring) tasks were completed, some fun ones could begin.  The initial work on the logo as well as our first design kicked into gear.  While the logo (and trademark application) process was fairly quick, the first big challenge was to create a new design that could, in one picture, summarize the vision for this new company.

Because it was all we had at the time, the work on the ‘circle’ logo began using traditional Powerpoint.  The goal was to have a design that not only clearly represented the company but also would possibly strike up a conversation with a person who sees it for the first time.  After many attempts (and hiring a real designer), the decision was to go with a circle showing the five C’s and put a “c”annabis picture (leaf) in the middle.    While it took a couple weeks, this second design was finally completed.  (Yes, we are on design four and five now…so keep an eye out for more.)

It was great to see our first design approved by Amazon and our first ‘store’ open while we worked on more designs and projects.  Our first stumble (or punch in the gut) came within a couple days of our store opening, our design was both copied exactly (with a minor color change) or copied 95% (with a slight leaf and font change) and posted on not only Amazon but also other retailer websites.  To make matters worse, they called their store AZ6thC and copied the posting we did exactly.  Unfortunately, we weren’t sure what we did wrong…did the copycat get the logo from Amazon?  from our Shirt Printer?  All we knew for sure was Amazon rejected our request to take them down and we needed to rethink our strategy for selling our merchandise.

As we are now a few months into our AZ6thC company, the journey has been a rollercoaster but it’s hard to say what we would change because every win and every punch has been important for our learning…and experience.  We are surrounded by friends and family that have been extremely supporting and encouraging for which we are thankful and grateful.  There will be more stumbles ahead but we know AZ6thC can be a part of Arizona’s Cannabis story for many years to come.
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